11th Haifa Workshop on Interdisciplinary Applications of Graph Theory,Combinatorics and Algorithms

May 17-19, 2011


  • Daniel Spielman (Yale University, USA) will give the Caesarea Rothschild Math & CS Distinguished Lecture Series (3 lectures)
    • Lecture I: Spectral and Electrical Graph Theory
    • Lecture II: Solving Systems of Linear Equations in Graph Laplacians
    • Lecture III: Spectral Sparsification of Graphs and Approximations of Matrices
  • Jayme Luiz Szwarcfiter (UFRJ and Brazilian Academy of Sciences) will give the 2nd Uri N. Peled Memorial Lecture
    • Arboricity, h-Index and Dynamic Graph Algorithms.
  • Gil Kalai (Hebrew University)
  • Tali Kaufman (Bar-Ilan University)
    • Locally Testable Codes and Expanders
  • Ron Shamir (Tel Aviv University)
    • Dissecting regulatory networks and complex disease
  • Uri Zwick (Tel Aviv University)
    • Subexponential lower bounds for randomized pivoting rules for the simplex algorithm


Submissions for contributed talks are invited for this year's workshop. The workshop emphasizes the diversity of the use of combinatorial algorithms and graph theory in application areas. Examples of such areas of interest include:

- Randomized Algorithms

- Networking

- Graph Algorithms

- Internet Congestion and Patterns

- Computational Biology

- Applied Combinatorics

- Web Applications

- Geometric Graphs and Computation

- Optimization

- Graph Theoretic Models

Please send abstracts (1-2 pages) by e-mail to GraphWorkshop2011@gmail.com by April 4, 2011. Papers that have been accepted to recent international conferences are particularly welcome, and should be indicated so in the submission.


Submission: April 4

Notification: April 14

Workshop: May 17-19


To register please press here


  • Martin Charles Golumbic (chair) (University of Haifa)
  • Avivit Levy (program co-chair) (Shenkar College and CRI-Haifa)
  • Oren Weimann (program co-chair) (Weizmann Institute and CRI-Haifa)

Yair Bartal (Hebrew University)

Danny Breslauer (CRI-Haifa)

Michael Elkin (Ben-Gurion University)

Guy Even (Tel-Aviv University)

Irith Ben-Arroyo Hartman (CRI-Haifa)

Ron Holzman (Technion)

Ephraim Korach (Ben-Gurion University)

Nissan Lev-Tov (Ort Braude College)

Nati Linial (Hebrew University)

Liam Rodditti (Bar-Ilan University)

Udi Rotics (Netanya College)

Ronit Rubinfeld (Tel-Aviv University)

Alek Vainshtein (University of Haifa)

Raphy Yuster (University of Haifa)

Shmuel Zaks (Technion)

Danny Breslauer (CRI-Haifa)