Graph Theory and Additive Combinatorics

Distinguished Lecture Series in Mathematics

Sponsored by the Depatment of Mathematics

University of Haifa

Graph Theory and Additive Combinatorics

Prof. Endre Szemeredi

Professor Szemerei has been the State of New Jersey Professor of Computer Science at Rutgers University since 1986, and a member of the Hungarian Academy of Science since 1987. He has won numerous awards and honors for his contribution to mathematics and computer science, including the Gruwald, Renyi, Póoa, Steele, and Rolf Schock Prizes in Mathematics. In 2012, he was awarded the Abel Prize for his fundamental contributions to discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science.

(I) Monday May 19, 2014 at 14:30. The "absorbing" method (does laziness pay off?)

(II) Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 16:30. Two examples how to use the absorbing method.

(III) Wednesday, May 21, 2014, at 16:30. On subset sums.

All lectures will be in Room 570 of the Science and Education Building.

Refreshments and snacks will be served a half hour before each lecture.