CRI Visitors FAQ

Q: How do I get from the hotels in Central Carmel to the University of Haifa?

A: From the Carmel center, the following public bus lines are available: 30, 37, 37a, 191, 192.

The fare is about 6.5 NIS. Service taxi (sherut) is also available at similar fare from any bus stop. Private taxi should cost about 45N1S, and can be hired from the hotel or from anywhere in the street. Carmel Center taxi station phone number is: 04-8382626 (omit the 04 if calling from within Haifa).

Q: Is it safe traveling to Israel these days?

A: Yes. All public venues are guarded by the police and by professional security contractors at all times.

Q: How can I get local currency in Israel?

A: Banks and ATM's are common anywhere in Israel. Cash can be withdrawn from an ATM or through a bank teller. Furthermore, currency can also be converted at private money exchange booths, . found in the city centers. Most ATM's accept international credit cards, as well as most businesses. Common credit cards accepted in Israel are Visa, MasterCard and AmericanExpress.

Q: What can you do in Haifa?

A: Tel-Aviv people say that the only night life in Haifa is the oil refineries, and that the sidewalks in Haifa are rolled up at 6pm. We, in Haifa, believe otherwise. Haifa is full of attractions and places to go.

Coffee shops:

There are numerous coffee shops and pubs along the Moriah Rd (the road that leads from Central Carmel to Horeb Center and the University), along Massada st. in Hadar, Ben Gurion Av. down town and along the Beach front.

Some Recommended Restaurants:

  • El Gaucho (Argentinian, Kosher), Yefe Nof 120 (across the street from Holiday Inn)
  • Furthermore, local food (like Falafel, Shawarma or Humus) can be found in many places like the Druze villages near the University of Haifa and Arab restaurants in Hadar or down town.
  • Shani (Dairy,Kosher), Moria str. 29
  • Tatami (Japanese), Horev 10

Museums and attractions:

  • Information about Haifa museums can be found at the city hall website:
  • The Louis Promenade located at Carmel Center offers amazing views of the Haifa bay.
  • The Bahai Gardens which are on Mt.Carmel's northern slopes are open for the public. Visits to the gardens need to be arranged in advance - Bahai website:
  • More attractions include the Stella Maris church, cable-car and look-out.
  • Near Carmel Center, is also Elijah's cave.

For more information go to the Haifa municipality tourism website:

Q: Is there a subway in Haifa?

A: Yes! Its graph is a path of length 4 (5 nodes, 4 edges). It begins in Central Carmel , ends downtown near the port, and the journey lasts about 7 minutes. The fare is about 6.5NIS It is the only subway in Israel! (We are proud).

Q: What is the population mix in Haifa?

A: Haifa is a symbol of religious and ethnical tolerance. Jews (from ultra orthodox to secular), Christians, Muslims, Bahai, Ahmadis, and Druze all live together in Haifa in peace and harmony. Haifa is also a sacred city for the Bahai faith. The University of Haifa has the largest population of Arabs among any other University in Israel.

Q: Is P=NP?

A: Probably not, maybe yes, but we'll get back to you about that.