Getting here

Our location in the University of Haifa

  • CRI is located at the Haifa University Education and Sciences Building, 6th floor. Exiting the elevator, turn right and immediately turn left to the hallway. CRI offices are at the end of this hallway. For the campus map please click here.

Getting to the University from inside Haifa

  • If you want to come by private car, you can look at this road map of Haifa. Here is the Haifa Tourism Board's website. Please take into considerations that you'll need an entrance permit to enter the campus with a car. This must be arranged in advance (phone number +972-4-8288337). Please keep in mind that there is a shortage of parking space.
  • Public transportation (buses and service taxis) are working frequently, and they cost approximately $1.80. The main lines are 46/146 (from Hof Ha-Carmel station) and 37 (Bat-galim station) from hotels on the Carmel to the University and back. For further details click here.

Getting to Haifa from Tel-Aviv Airport

    • The fastest and most reliable form of transportation from Ben Gurion Airport is the train. A train service is available from Ben-Gurion Airport, day and night. Information can be found at Israel-Railways web site:, under “Schedules and Fares”.
    • From station: “ Ben Gurion Airport”, To station: “ Hof Ha-Carmel” (first station in Haifa).
    • There is a service taxi or van service (called 'sherut') which departs whenever the car fills up, and takes you to Haifa for a reasonable rate of 115NIS ($30). Van service to Haifa or to Ben-Gurion Airport is provided by a company called "Amal" (Tel. 04-8662324 - 04-8676444) and can take you from the Hotel. Taxies should fill up fairly quickly. The travel time is about an hour and a quarter. The driver will usually drop-off passengers where-ever they ask in Haifa, so asking a drop-off at the Hotel is a good idea.

Van Taxi Service ('Sherut')

Special Taxi Service

    • Private taxis from the airport to Haifa cost $80-100, but can be shared, and the price split, with a fellow participant. Car rentals are cheapest if arranged from abroad.

    • The bus is not very frequent and takes longer. The Egged bus company's website contains more details. (the bus company) lines can be found in English at:

  • Once in Haifa, it is recommended to take a taxi to your lodging from the train/bus station, for convenience. Again, a 'sherut' taxi is available (6NIS), or a special taxi can be hired ($15-$24).