ISF international workshop on User Modeling and Recommender Systems

Organized by Veronika Bogina and Tsvi Kuflik

July 17 - 20, 2017

*Free Registration Program (PDF) Abstracts Presentation

*subject to organizer approval

Place: The University of Haifa, Caesarea Rothschild Institute,

Education bldg. Room 570

Nowadays computerized systems strive to provide personalized services to their users, from product recommendations, to education and personalized medicine – tailoring online courses and healthcare services to the individual needs and preferences. An essential component to support personalization of services is a user model – a representation of the user in the specific domain of interest, whether it is a recommendation about a product, a piece of content, a route to a destination or a medical treatment, all must take the user characteristics into consideration. Naturally, the user model needs to be adapted over time, as new information is acquired by the system and user behavior evolves. The need to continuously update the user model stems from the simple fact that new information about users becomes continuously available and that users change: their characteristics and preferences change over time – they acquire new skills, gain experience, their tastes, preferences, goals change as well as their physical, psychological and physiological characteristics… Therefore, there is a strong temporal aspect in user modelling and a need to research it further.

The workshop aims at bringing together international and local researchers and practitioners working in order to look at the challenges from the point of view of the temporal aspects in user modelling. All in all, the workshop will aim at attracting presentations of novel ideas for addressing these challenges and how to advance the current state of the art in this field.