Digital Humanities Carmel Hackathon 2018

University of Haifa, Israel

Organizers: Tsvi Kuflik , Moshe Lavee, Sinai Rusinek

12-14 September, 2018

The Digital Humanities Program at the University of Haifa will hold the Carmel Digital Hackathon between September 12-14, 2018: An innovative event for initiating and promoting digital projects for preservation, accessibility and computerized research regarding the heritage, culture, and history of the Carmel and the Haifa area.

The Hackathon will be open to all interested parties (in advance and on a free basis) to volunteer, compete, learn and contribute to the creation of an open and unprecedented cultural resource- The Digital Carmel site, which will be a portal of digital projects in the fields of Literature, press, letters and archival documents from all periods and aspects in the history of the Carmel and the Haifa area.

Everyone is invited to volunteer, participate, and help: talented programmers, students or researchers from the humanities who wish to enrich the Digital Carmel from their point of view, or residents and lovers of the Carmel. You can get guidance for using technological tools that will allow you to create or explore your digital library, anchor historical maps, and more.

For more information about Digital Humanities projects click here

For further inquiries, please contact the organizers:

Prof. Tsvi Kuflik ; Tel: +972 4 8288511 ; Fax: +972 4 8288283