Cyber Security Awareness Week CSAW 2019

University of Haifa, Israel

Organizers: New York University, University of Haifa, IBM

Qualification round: 13-15 September, 2019

Final round: 6-8 November, 2019

CSAW CTF is an entry-level, jeopardy style CTF, designed for students who preparing to study or work in cybersecurity. Challenges are meant to exhibit fundamental concepts and help students develop their skills. If you have never played a CTF before, check out “Preparation Resources & Tools” at our website.

Our competition occurs over two rounds: an online Qualifying Round in September and a Final in-person Round in November.

For more information about formats, rules, platforms and eligibility criteria click here.


  • September 13-15, 2019: Online Qualification Round

  • September 18-29, 2019: Enrollment and team verification for potential finalists

  • By October 13, 2019: Finalists officially announced

  • November 6-8, 2019: In-person Finals

  • Final Round, 36 hour game

  • Start 1: Wednesday, November 6, 20:00 UTC

  • Tel Aviv: 10 PM Wednesday - 10 AM Friday


CSAW’19 CTF will run 13 -15 September 2019

Start Time: 8 PM UTC Time, September 13, 2019 (11PM Israel Time)

End Time: 8 PM UTC Time, September 15, 2019 (11 PM Israel Time)


  • Teams may have up to a total of four (4) players during Finals, all of whom must be confirmed by September 29, 2019.

  • Teams can be comprised of either students or persons enrolled in regular national/military service. For student teams, members must be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate (UG) program, post-graduate (PG) program, or high school and all team members must attend the same school located in Israel.

  • Up to two (2) student teams from any given university or high school in Israel may qualify for Finals. If multiple teams from the same institution qualify, only the two highest ranked teams will be invited to compete at CSAW Israel Finals.

  • Up to five (5) teams from regular national/military service in Israel may qualify to Finals

  • Teams that qualify for Finals will be asked to verify their student enrollment or national service status before being offered an invitation to Finals.

  • Teams that are invited to Finals are responsible for travel and lodging costs.*


Finalists will be notified of their status by October 13, 2019. Teams will receive notification directly from regional organizers via the team email that is registered on


Start Time 1: 8 PM UTC Time, November 6, 2019 (10 PM Israel Time)

Start Time 2: 8 PM UTC Time, November 7, 2019 (10 PM Israel Time)


Travel Awards vary by region. Typically, transportation and lodging (hotel or residence hall), and meals are provided, free of cost to the Finalists, or reimbursed following CSAW Finals. Teams will be provided details when they are invited to finals.


A 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winning team is identified for each region based on total points scored. Prizes vary by region. Please check the regional webpages for details.

For further inquiries, please contact us at:

Tamir Gadot, Email: ; Office Phone: +972-4-8288337 ; Office Fax: +972-4-8288181 ;