FBK Trento, Italy

The institutions are involved in a collaboration project that concentrates on research and applications whose objective is technological advances for human development.

In this spirit and taking into consideration the experience and the current scientific interest of the institutions, the themes of activity encompass the following areas:

From an application point of view:

  • Technologies for the appreciation of cultural heritage and cultural tourism
  • Technologies for intelligent educational systems
  • Technologies for the handicapped and the elderly
  • Technologies for the development of software systems

From the basic research point of view:

  • User modeling and user advising
  • Communication, emotions, engaging intelligent interfaces
  • Natural language processing
  • Algorithms and reasoning
  • Collaboration modeling

A scientific cooperation agreement was signed on June 24, 2001 between the Caesarea Rothschild Institute (C.R.I.) and the Institute for Research in Science and Technology (IRST), Trento, Italy. IRST has a staff of over 150 people and is one of the leading computer science research institutes in Italy.

The two Institutes' respective directors - Professor Martin Charles Golumbic, Director of C.R.I. and Professor Oliviero Stock, Director of IRST, had envisioned this agreement for some time. Their mutual aim was to expand existing contacts and ongoing scientific collaboration between the two institutions in the fields of information technology, artificial intelligence and cognitive science.

The institutes have established a relationship in order to carry out a bilateral cooperation program in the field of artificial intelligence, in particular computational linguistics, algorithms, pattern matching, neural nets, vision, cognitive science and technologies. On June 19, 2003 a significant extension of the above cooperation agreement was signed. This allows wide research of the above subjects. The signing was part of a 3-day conference about the following subjects: "The Italian - Israeli Forum on CS: Research and Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Industry" (June 17-18, 2003) and "Research and Applications of Artificial Intelligence" (June 19, 2003).

Additional workshop of the ITC-IRST University of Haifa Collaboration on "Artificial Intelligence Research and Innovative Technologies for Human Development" took place on February 9-11, 2004 at FBK, Povo (Trento), Italy.

This workshop is the first of its kind set in Trento in the context of the Collaboration Agreement between FBK and the University of Haifa .

The overall research area of the Collaboration is a specific area of Information and Communication Technologies. The general approach is intended to emphasize and employ methods of Artificial Intelligence and its interdisciplinary nature.


The PIL project is part of the collaboration between FBK and the University of Haifa, where PEACH research results are transferred from FBK to the University of Haifa and extended with local research.

Affiliated Centers :

- HIACS - The Haifa Interdiciplinary Research Center For Computer Science

- ISTC - The Center for the Study of the Information Society

University of Haifa Cooperation:

- IIPDM - Institute of Information Processing and Decision Making

- HCL&T - The Haifa Center for Law and Technology