The Application of Novel Technology in Cultural Heritage

A joint Italian-Israeli Workshop

Organizers: Tsvika Kuflik and Oliviero Stock

December 6-7, 2016

Italy and Israel are well known for their rich cultural heritage. Over the years, the potential of novel, mobile technology has been experimented in various sites both in Italy and Israel including joint research projects. Specifically, we have had a number of collaborative research projects in this area between the University of Haifa and FBK/irst in Trento ( workshop, which is open for Israeli, Italian and other researchers and practitioners is aimed to further strengthen the collaboration and to initiate new joint projects and research proposals in this area.

6 December 2016 - Morning Session - Auditorium in the Library - Room 146

6 December 2016 - Afternoon Session - Room 570 - Education Building, 5th Floor

7 December, 2016 - Room 570 - Education Building, 5th Floor

List of Participants:

  • Oliviero Stock (FBK/irst)

  • Francesca Costabile (Universita degli Studi di Bari)

  • Massimo Zancanaro (FBK/irst)

  • Charles Callaway (FBK/irst)

  • Martin Golumbic (University of Haifa)

  • Nadav Kashtan (Western Galilee College)

  • Antonio Kruger (DFKI GmbH)

  • Susan Hazan (Israel Museum)

  • Yoel Lanir (University of Haifa)

  • Yoel Mansfeld (University of Haifa)

  • Eynat Minkov (University of Haifa)

  • Moayad Mokatran (University of Haifa)

  • Antonio Origlia (University of Naples, Federico II)

  • Eynat Sharon (University of Haifa)

  • Julia Sheidin (University of Haifa)

  • Ilan Shimshoni (University of Haifa)

  • Alan Wecker (University of Haifa)

  • Natalia Weinstein (University of Haifa)

  • Fabio Remondino (FBK/irst)

  • Ammazia Peled (University of Haifa)