ACM-SIGCHI sponsored summer school on Intelligent User Interfaces in the Era of IoT and Smart Environments

University of Haifa, Israel

Organizers: Jessica Cauchard, Tsvi Kuflik, Anna Zamansky

October 2-5, 2018

Place: University of Haifa, Israel

Application: June 15 June 30, 2018

The topic of this summer school on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) in the era of IoT and Smart Environments is tightly linked with the ACM IUI and CHI conferences and communities, as well as the Israeli chapter of SIGCHI. The intended audience are students, researchers, and practitioners from both Israel and abroad, whose research is focused in this area. The school format proposes a blended “theory and application” approach, which includes: hands-on design teamwork, in a realistic setting, envisioning the potential of intuitive interaction in smart environments, indoors and outdoors.

As the cost and size of sensors and devices lower, wearable computers, IoT, and smart environments are becoming a reality. Novel human-computer interaction techniques are necessary to support these new environments, which also open possibilities for more natural and intuitive interaction. IUI research offers new ways for human-computer interaction in such environments.

For this summer school we propose three thematic areas and related aspects:

  1. Social signal processing: reasoning on users’ behavior in smart environments by measuring and fusing signals from multiple sources.

  2. Intuitive interaction with smart environments: e.g., gesture, eye-gaze, and voice-based interaction.

  3. Displays in smart environments: e.g., ubiquitous, mobile, and wearable.

The summer school will integrate frontal presentations by domain experts (listed below), to familiarize the participants with the state-of-the-art and research challenges of smart environments. Following these presentations, there will be a hands-on part where the participants will be split into teams, and think of initial designs for intelligent user interfaces in smart environments, and future research directions.

**Everybody is welcome to register and attend, unfortunately non-registered listeners will not be able to attend the talks.

Initial list of speakers: